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Who will be this year’s CMPF Champ (Bulgar: The Secrets of the Isko Revealed)?

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“I Choose You”

This has been the most critical semester I’m being through with. Polyphasic sleeps and endless hustling are quite a euphemism of what really I’m going through right now. With over overload (thanks heaven-sent college staff and professors), lots of org responsibilities plus quasi-hidden agenda, it’s timorous I can’t catch up with myself to make these through. “Finally,” I’m getting a taste of UP. “Ahh, daw UP na gid.”
“Seize the day” – this line’s so cootish to be your motto you know, the thing you believe in =’) Until I realize I barely have a month, two weeks, and three days left to stay in this beloved university (unless of course of divine intervention, terrorizing crucial grades, or some so-hard-for-me-to-leave “friends”). My every day here then became so precious thinking that in a few weeks this is all over.
Nonetheless, it’s one heck of a journey – something that imparted me great (in)valuable lessons. Thanks to my org mates, friends, fellow staff, and my beloved blockmates (go Block A!) – I’m not good at showing people how I really feel but I need you to know that you’re special, beyond my empty expressions. This is my last sem in The Accounts (hopefully) – so my deep thanks and gratitude goes to the institution that served as an instrument that redeemed me to be a better student and molded and as a better person (I just hope it really did).
The Accounts has withstood 26 youthful years of existence and that is something to be proud of. It’s not just an organization; it’s not just a mere publication. It has been the voice of the unheard; has been a class clown of every block; has been a newscaster to the uninformed; has offered a soothing poem to those who can’t sleep at nights through the pain; has witnessed your noble rallies for change and reform; and most of all, has fought with you in your most crucial battles to unveil the truth. The Accounts has been every UPV CM student’s loyal friend, who, through all these years, has stayed with them.
Despite these, your friend has been gone for some time, but it didn’t say that it won’t come back. The Accounts has suffered the tight-holding arms of university bureaucracy (mora solvendi), press interventions, and mora accipiendi, that is, the delay on the part of the press to accept the performance of the publication. So the delay of the university cancels the delay of the press, and we The Staff were left empty-handed.
Yet a promise has to be fulfilled. So we get something to hold on to – and we’ve got YOU.
The Accounts is your student publication. The Staff are merely the agents of this paper. They come, and when their stay here ends, they have to go. Someday, time will come that I’ll need to let go of this university too. I have to move on, both literally and figuratively.
But your school paper stays. It is here to stay. And it chooses you. It needs you. Why should you ever let it go?

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Shotgun Love

the gun looks at you
as I ask
“do you love me?”

the gun answered me
as you said “I’ll
never do.”

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y ≠ mx + b

a poet creates lines
by weaving words
how can a mathematician
make one
by just two dots?

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like Juan Tamad,
I look at her
as a guava
hoping she’d fall.

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