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Mabuhok na Kanto

ni Christian R. Duran

Sa isang kanto, isang matanda’y iika-ikang naglalakad
Nakangisi, sinusuklay ang makintab na buhok
Handang-handa nang umalis, dali-daling pumara ng jeep
Sa kanyang pagsakay, buhok ay nawala,
ang hangin ang tumangay.

Sa kanto ring iyon, isang ale ang aking namataan
Bihis na bihis, may akay na paslit
Handang-handa nang umalis, dali-daling pumara ng jeep
Sa kanyang pagwagayway, hindi namalayan,
buhok sa kanyang kilikili’y kumakaway.

Sa isang kanto, ako’y nakadukong naglalakad
Isang jeep biglang huminto, isang dilag ang bumaba.
Sa pagkamangha sa kanyang kagandahan,
siya’y aking nabangga
Ako’y humingi ng paumanhin,
ngunit ako’y hindi pinansin.

Sa kanto ring iyon kinabukasan ako’y bumalik
Paghinto ng jeep, ang binibini’y aking muling nakita
Sa pagbaba niya, panyo ay kanyang nabitawan
Sa kanyang dahan-dahang pagdampot, ako’y kinilabutan…
Mabuhok niyang dibdib aking nasilayan!

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Beyong My Grasp

by Christian R. Duran

As I walk into the room, my heart was beating so fast..
My eyes were searching for someone I do not know..
My mind was saying something I could not hear..
Then suddenly, my trembling feet led me to her..

She was a familiar stranger, it’s odd to say..
Her smile captured me in every single way..
Then I talked to her with words I can’t remember..
Looking at her eyes, seemed like I’d be frozen forever..

A flash caught my attention…
A friend took a picture of me together with the girl..
People clapped and cheered..
The next thing I knew was I walked away from her..

Seemed like I’m out of my mind..
I left the room barely knowing her name..
And now, she’s far away.. so far away..
Will I ever see her again?

Then I realized, I already met her..
She was in my dream.. the girl smiling in my dream..
Destiny did its job, gave me a chance to meet her..
But I ruined the opportunity, I barely know her name..

I’m hoping that I will be given another chance..
That destiny will give me another oppurtunity..
To meet her again and see her smile..
The girl in my dreams..

Sad to say, the chance given by destiny is now beyond my grasps..
And all I have is a picture of me and her smiling together..
A picture that would remind me of her forever..

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All I Have

by Christian R. Duran

I am not great, that I know
I am not a head turner, I don’t stand out
I don’t have the looks that I can brag
And I asked myself, “What Do I Got?”

I am not an achiever, sad to say
I am not a math genius, to my dismay
I am not a witty debater, I admit
And I asked myself, “What Do I Got?”

I don’t have the talents to compete
I don’t have a golden voice you can appreciate
I don’t have the groovy moves you can follow
And I asked myself, “What Do I Got?”

I look at myself and all I see are words
Just words of emotions and meanings
And how do I use these words?
I use them to lead you to my world

I don’t know how to sing
I only have words playing the melody of my life
I don’t know how to dance
I only have words grooving with the beat of my heart

The beauty of a tiny raindrop I can describe
The harmony within a burst laughter I can play
The smell of blooming flowers I can share
The wonderful feeling of love I can portray

This is the world where I live
Where meanings and feelings took over
Because of the words that I can use
To give everything a breath of life
I may not be great, that is true
Though I have nothing but words
The meaning and the emotions in every line
Is enough to say that I am no ordinary man

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Final Kiss

by Christian R. Duran

You let me kiss you every now and then

Yet you always wipe your lips in the end

If you only knew how it hurts me

I want to complain yet I can’t

I have long wished to touch your face

Yet that’s beyond my limits

I have long wanted to caress your hair

Yet I can’t even hold your hand

And now I see that you’ve found another one

His taller and good looking than me

How painful it is to see him there

Looking at you, expecting your kiss

You will no longer remember me

And how I touched your tender lips,

Before I bid goodbye, I beg you

Let me kiss you one last time


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Hopeless Cliche

by Christian R. Duran

What is Love?

Love is to look at you

though you would not look at me

Love is to go closer

though you would go away

Love is to help you

though you would not thank me

Love is to smile

though you break my heart

Love is loving you

though you would never love me

If love is blind

Then blind am I for loving you

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