The Accounts

The Official Student Publication of University of the Philippines- College of Management, Iloilo City


Dedicated to solve common problems here in The Accounts.

  • Registering, Logging in, and Logging off
    • Under <Meta>, you can log-in, and log-off only if you have a WordPress account.  If you want to be a blog member, just send your email and desired username to the web administrator via  The admin will then assign you as a contributor 😉
  • Writing a post
    • Click <site admin> under the title <My Account>.  Select <Write> from the tabs.
  • Getting rid of carriage return or line spaces
    • When writing a post, hitting <enter> means moving on to a new paragraph resulting to much space between lines. Press <shift> when hitting <enter> to move to a new line instead.
  • Posting a video
    • Be sure you’re on “code mode” when you paste the video code. Add your other text while on code mode. If you switch to “visual mode” to do that, your video will be disoriented.
  • Editing font colors & font size
    • When posting, click this icon Show/Hide Advanced Toolbar (Alt+Shift+v) and it will show you the controls. To adjust font size, you can use the drop down menu <.. Format ..>
  • How to make smaller or bigger font size without too much carriage return?
    • Switch to code mode, and enclose the text you wished to edit into <large> or <small> tags. For example, you want a smaller font for the word “Elephant,” in code mode, it will look like <small>Elephant</small>
  • Post Scheduling
    • When writing, edit <time stamp> found on the lower right. Your article will be posted on the date & time you selected.
  • Writing a page
    • Only the site administrator can create pages.
  • Submitting an image to the “Gallery” page
    • Enter <site admin>, choose <gallery> tab, then add a new gallery or import pictures. Only the current database galleries will show up in the “Gallery” page though. Please notify admin if you’ve created a new gallery and you want it to be shown up.

Other Concerns:

  • Categorize your posts.
    • When the site gets crowded with articles, it would be easy to find articles.
  • Put tags if you can.
    • When writing, you can find a space for tags in the bottom of the writing area. Type in the keywords that you think will match the thought (if there’s any) of your post.

For questions, just post a comment.

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