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Hey YOU!

Regarding The Accounts’ 2009 Literary Folio which will be out before the 2nd semester ends, The Accounts would like YOU, yes you, to take part in it.  The theme will be about fairytales.  You can text Eloisa at 09103019305 regarding the intricate details.

Send in your contributions — poems, short stories, sketches, paintings, photographs and the likes to  Please provide your name, course and year level; also a short description of yourself.  You are free to use a pseudonym if you want to be mysterious and controversial. 😉

Deadline for submission will be on December 31, 2009.  Organizations may also pass their works for the literary, visual arts and photography sections of the literary folio.  Please provide a title and a caption for images.  Please contribute, we don’t want to stare at blank pages, do we? Unless you feel like an artist and you see those blank pages as something poetic. Sheesh. 😉

The magic never ends, share your story!


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