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“I have to flip a coin
a hundred times,” she said.

“It’s tiresome, just say
you’ve got a 48-52 result,” said I.

“She might be flipping a coin now.”
That night, I tried it too.
“This is my last shot.”

If I get a head, she’s mine.
If I get a tail-
I’ll flip over and over again.

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“i have to flip a coin
a hundred times,” she said.

“it’s tiresome, just say
you’ve got a 48-52 result,” said I.

at night, i tried it.
“this is my last shot.
if i get a head, she’s mine.”

at the toss of a coin,
i just sighed.

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you’re lost inside my universe
if i tell you the right way out
will you ever come back?

because i need you
and i’m lost inside you’re heart too

but please
don’t tell me the right way back

because if you do
there is only nothingness
without you, i’ll be¬†lifeless.

Filipino Translation:

naliligaw ka sa mundo ko
kung ituturo ko ba sa’yo ang daan palabas
babalik ka pa kaya?

dahil kailangan kita
at naliligaw rin ako sa puso mo
pero pakiusap
h’wag mo nang ituro ang daan pabalik

sa labas,
lahat ay hihinto
dahil ikaw ang buhay ko.

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A Poet’s Love

How do I love you?

I love you, not just as how the roses bloom without the aid of the day
or as profound as my lessons in advanced accounting
I love you, not just as how a desert lily longs for a single drop
or as how Sleeping Beauty waited for her prince beloved

I love you, far mysterious than any secret poem ever written
For I love you, deeper than the soul.

Yet, I cannot love you
I do not love you, I will not love you
except because of no because
except because I simply love you.

so simple that I see myself
when you look into my eyes
so simple that my chest moves
when you breathe
so simple that I dream
when you fall asleep.

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i want to stay with you
i need to stay with you
you only want me to stay
you just want me to stay

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