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My First 100 Days in UP

by Kristo Rey Quinon

I was scared.  I was totally afraid of UP before entering its doors.  I had my own expectations of becoming aloof.  The idea of becoming lost in such a big university haunted my thoughts during my summer days.  I thought that I would have a very hard time adapting to its customs.  Since UP has always been known a prestigious university, the idea of not being able to cope up never eluded my mind.  I wasn’t conditioned to survive the so called struggles of every UP student.  I thought that I would be alone and weak in UP.

I wasn’t prepared to enter UP because I thought that I was still in the growing process during that time.  I felt that I still wasn’t mature enough to enter UP.  I was full of fears and doubts.  I was anxious and afraid.  Who wouldn’t be?

UP is one wild jungle and if you keep your guard down you might end up being eaten alive by the wild animals of UP, if you know what I mean.

I was fed with the idea that UP did not have totally good environment like elementary and high school wherein life is always easier.  I was told that the up there is a very harsh world.  I wasn’t prepared and with that I thought that my start in UP would be a total failure.  After all, failure to prepare is synonymous with preparing to fail anyway.

Upon entering its walls, I felt uncomfortable with the things that were happening.  I wasn’t at ease at all.  I felt anxious about the things which were set for us UP freshmen.  If you’d ask any other freshman I’m sure they’d say the same.  UP is a jungle and we are the ones lost inside.

UP for us wasn’t like any other university. It was unique and in that sense we were all tense upon stepping inside the institution.

Fortunately, my expectations and anxiety slowly faded away with the help of a lot of heart-warming people. The higher years of UP gave us all a very warm welcome.  Despite the fact that we were still a bit stiff and quiet.  They really did their best to help us especially during our first few social events.  The jungle called UP wasn’t terrifying at all with the aid of the faculty, higher years and a few friends met along the way.

Yes, at first it may look like were trapped inside a jungle but once you meet a lot of good people along the way.  It won’t be long until you realize that UP isn’t a jungle at all.  It would start looking like a ZOO as a matter of fact.  After meeting new acquaintances along the way, one would start to notice that UP is filled with a lot of different personalities and strange places.

It may be hard at first but once you get to meet new people and acquaintances the journey becomes more enjoyable.  The fear of being alone never again haunted me.  I guess my first one hundred days would consist the period in time wherein one gets to feel he is not alone. One can feel that he/she belongs to a certain entity, and that would be UP.  My first few days were the total opposite of what I expected it to turn out to be.

Today, my life in UP is slowly becoming happier by the moment.  It feels easier to walk inside UP with the idea of having friends two steps behind you ( Isn’t that a song? Lol :).  It may sound cliché but its true and I can proudly say that I’m starting to adapt with the so called UP life. The personality development stage is finally taking progress. With the help of some good and “tamed” animals in UP, I have finally found a home within a jungle.

Before, I thought that I wasn’t mature enough to enter UP. I thought I needed to grow up a little more to survive. But after my first one hundred days I have realized that that isn’t my problem anymore. UP takes care of that problem for us. The growing stage doesn’t take place before. It happens in UP.


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