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The Official Student Publication of University of the Philippines- College of Management, Iloilo City

After the Storm

by Reishajan Caralde

Typhoon Frank that battered most of Iloilo and the neighboring provinces spared little in its wake, least of all University employees.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the university promptly responded by providing financial and non-financial support to faculty, staff and employees.  The first thing that the university did was to determine who among its employees were affected by the typhoon. The University came up with a list of the victims and prepared its response based on the list.

Within a week following the typhoon on June 21, 2008 the university was able to provide initial assistance of relief goods in the form of food and water to the victims.  In the weeks that followed, cash of P3, 000 were given to the victims along with further donations of relief goods such as clothing and food.  Possible victims of the typhoon from the student population however, have not received support from the University as of the interview. According to the Chancellor, this was because the University prioritized the employees who were easier to identify with the list furnished than the student victims.


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