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The Equation of Life

While some people are born gold, some were just clay. Clay, that when it falls to the ground, will eventually be part of it with out even being noticed. Later will be stepped, flattened, broken. Soil that nobody wanted to touch except for the naive children who will soon be scolded by their parents for having their hands dirty. But being gold is everybody’s dream. Gold shines and glitters. It is so precious that everyone wanted to touch, yet only few are given a chance to hold. Envied are they to have them!

When I was a child, I used to believe that everybody is equal. No matter how rich one is and how poor others are, they are still on the same ground. I went on by comparing people, one by one. A farmer to a policeman: a street vendor to a government employee… I realized that though the first has this while the second lacks, the latter also has that that the former does not. So I settled, convinced that everybody is indeed equal. But not when a particular idea crossed my mind. It was the comparison of a business tycoon with billions and trillions or even n-llions of assets and a beggar wearing a patched dirty rag living on a flattened hard paper he called home. That’s unjust. The tycoon has all while the beggar has none. That’s inequality!

I lived in a country with so many people living below the poverty line. I, myself have seen them suffer living their everyday lives, full of problems being poor. Once, I was in our home when I heard someone shouting for help. My mom and my aunt immediately went to the house of my screaming neighbor to check what was happening there. Later, I learned that the husband was suffering from a severe pain in his stomach. The wife and the concern neighbors don’t know what to do. Yet, they did not rush him to the hospital. There was only one reason behind: They don’t have money! If he happened to be rich, he would not suffer. He will be enjoying the most advanced medical treatment in the world. Lying in a soft bed, he would just wait until the painless medical procedure is over. After several hours in a pleasant smelling room in one of the most expensive hospitals in the world, he can then go out. Well again! But he happened to be a character in a totally opposite story. Thus, he must endure the pain no matter how intense it was until his body finally takes its action. That is, becomes numb.

So, how come some people still believe that life is fair? I went back to my thought being one of the people believing to the evenly distribution of possessions by the One who created us. I went further on comparing people, one by one. An achiever to the one defeated. A millionaire to a peasant…

Are richer people luckier than or just as lucky as a beggar?

One occasion, I walked around the town with my family. I was looking at different people, all were distinct. They have diverse color, height, and size. Faces vary as I look from one to another. Wearing different kinds and types of clothes, people were moving to different directions with various speeds. They were heading towards their desired place. Some do it alone while others walk with their friends, family and loved ones. Though many are going to the same direction, everybody has the right to choose which way to take. While walking, I noticed an important thing: Not all the people who wear elegant dresses wear a smile. I also saw an old woman with wrinkled face and burned skin. She was toothless. I knew it when she laughed out loud.

This experience is more than just a walk. It’s a reflection of life. Through this, I realized that in going to our destinations, it does not matter which way we take, how fast we got there nor how we got. It does not even matter if we really reached that place. What is important is how we enjoyed our journey. We should not envy those who ride car but we should on those who walk slowly, savoring every minute they have, smiling on every humorous things in town.

A magnate is equal to a simple beggar because they both have the choice to be happy. Like all of us, their life is not measured by wealth, honor nor power but by happiness. Life is measured based on how you enjoy your stay on earth. And happiness is the equation of life.


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