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Isang Daan: Life is a One-Way Street…

by Eloisa Fe J. Lusotan

Perspective I

Once in my life I met Doraemon, he handed me this gadget saying I was most suited…

With the advent of technology and the numerous misfortunes in life, from the trivial bubblegum sticking on your hair to the life-changing bubblegum sticking on your hair, would you not want a time machine to at least fix and straighten your hair?

Time machine, when I traveled to Miag-ao one Wednesday morning clad in the most ungodly costume plus lack of sleep, I felt as if traveling back time. Miag-ao liners do it that way, close your eyes and then you’re out of this world. Along the context of tampering the natural order of things we people are number one, trying to have things as planned, trying to make things possible to our elation.

However, in the ordinary course of our lives we strive to be better, the world is one big set-up, yours and mine, thus the commonplace penchant for a one-click away remedy. We are the stars of our lives, we need to memorize lines—- unfortunately the more complex ones; we have to look our best in our proud eye bags dying to be applauded by an insensitive crowd.

In our pursuit for excellence, to be as perfect as the oblation statue in his built and composure, we try to be as flawless as possible. To our dismay we are all defective robots, we fail exams, we drop subjects, we fail to read instructions… we fall short of expectations.

But what sense does it have being able to get away with everything, to seem to be as flawless as a sculpture? Give me the time machine and I will have that chance to answer the 82 points I missed in an exam, I will extend deadlines and have things going smoothly, I can have 8 hours or more for sleep, I can replay discussions whenever I don’t feel like paying attention, I can give in to every change of thought, I can corrupt your fates and maybe end up with your boyfriends. Like that? That sounds fun!

…but with all the silly things I can think of given the chance to have the time machine, I did not use it, I buried it under the fire tree. Well, I am a defective robot, I do stupid things, but I’d rather live with my 82 points gone, I’d rather run after deadlines than idle my way to everything I want, I’d rather watch from the CM building and behold the sight of interwoven fates– a web of people, of possibilities and of dreams.

Perspective II

Money is the catalyst that makes the automobile run, the body move and the mind work; needless to say it makes the world spin faster. What is for free? The stones are for free but use them for a money generating purpose and your futile stones will cost hundreds. Imagine stones costing hundreds, well, I can just imagine solving the rate at which ripples are formed as a stone is thrown in a still pond; given the radius of the ripples.

As the common phrase “Money does not make the world go round” is becoming obsolete, money becomes encompassing. Well one can breathe as much air as one wants, but what air is there to breathe in? An empty pocket is suffocating; imagine the delay of not having a peso at your disposal, of having to choose between having breakfast and photocopying a 100 page hand-out for an exam the following day.

At times it’s tough, your pride may not taste good but you’d rather swallow it than suffer an empty stomach. One of the best teachings in life perhaps is to humble oneself. “Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in the changing fortunes of time,” Max Ehrman would say in his Desiderata.

Everything under the sun spoils. And so does passion, a lot in this world are faith extinguishers. We just have to keep the flame burning through our defeats and failures, our triumphs and victories. In our 100 years of glory, or in our attempts of achieving one.

I do not have a lot of stones to throw into the still pond, and I was frustrated by that problem in calculus. Once in my life I had a bag full of stones, I threw them in the still pond trying to solve my calculus assignment. Until the time the bag was emptied, the assignment remained unsolved. Only then when I ran out of stones did I begin to see the many people throwing stones in the pond trying to solve their own problems, only then did I stop throwing stones and acted on the real thing.

(2am: If only my calculus teacher would accept this article as my answer to that problem on related rates… sigh.)

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