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If you have P100, how can you triple it in just one day?

Interviews facilitated by: Mary Cris Balberona

In just a day, could you make 300 pesos out of P100???  Sounds challenging, right?! Let’s hear ingenious (and crazy) ideas from these business-minded pals…


Get a friend, then paduling-dulingan ngayo! ‘di lang P100 , P400 pa!


I’ll place it in front of two mirrors or I will just have it photocopied.


I’ll use the money for the fare in going to my relatives and I’ll just ask money from them. No more worry! Hopefully they’ll triple it. HAHA!


It’s impossible…kung tani may ara way, damo na nagmanggaranon because of P100 lang…


If I have P100, I can triple it in just one day by buying things, like foods, and then selling them to others. I could lend the money to someone and impose an interest.


Invest in a little business like load retail, bananacue and others.


I am an environmentalist so I’ll make a product out of a tree! Weeh!


I’ll buy ingredients of foods like yema, polvoron or candy which could be sold at P3 to P5 each. These foods are easy to cook and their ingredients can be bought at a low price. If I would be able to sell 150 pieces of these at P3 each, I can generate not just P300 but P450 in one day with P100 as my capital!


If I have P100, I can triple it by i just one day by multiplying it by three. That is, P100 x 3 = P300!  Another option is that I’ll sell my P100 for P300– that is, if may mapa-into’!! Or I’ll just play Bingo at SM and if I’ll win, I’ll not only get triple but ‘manyple’!


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