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A Freshman’s Life in UP

by Proud pupaCz
BSBA (Marketing)

“There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin L. Powell

Who would have thought college will be this great and tiring? This is what was in my head on surviving my first month in the University of the Philippines. For even before the opening of classes my feet ached because of my trips from the City Campus to the Miami Campus continuously submitting the requirements that the university asked for and to think that was my first time to be doing such things by myself. My dependency on my parents faded.

Then at last June 10 came, I was nervous because I knew from then on I will not be with my high school friends and also, during that time, I didn’t know most of my classmates except for the one I met during enrollment. Nevertheless, at least I knew somebody. Sooner I realized that confidence and friendliness are part of my arsenal in surviving college life.

I enjoyed my first week in the university; there were no more than two classes a day. Right now, I am looking forward to the upcoming activities hearing UP is unlike any other..

UP is enjoyable; I never thought it will be stressful though. I only found that out during our preparations for the Freshies’ Day. Despite the tension, it taught us the first lessons to keep.

Then the academic pressure came. Exams found their way through. We were all nervous not knowing what to expect, plus the impression that we were in a university where exams are not high school type. We discovered, however, that exams are answerable if one studies well and listens during discussions.

Lots of activities soon followed like the Urbandub concert, the Utalri (Marketing Acquaintance Party), and the CM Acquaintance Party making our stay in the university more comfortable.

Now that I’m almost in my third month in UP, I can say I have fallen in love with it, no regrets at all. The University of the Philippines is indeed like no other, I am proud I am an Iskolar ng Bayan!


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