The Accounts

The Official Student Publication of University of the Philippines- College of Management, Iloilo City

101st Dates

by Saldy Cabarubias
BS Accountancy

It was not excitement. It was not due happiness. It was not what I was supposed to feel at the very time I first walked into the University of the Philippines Visayas—Iloilo City Campus. Instead of being grateful, I was discouraged.

What I saw that day was far from the University I overheard in the CPA Board Topnotchers’ List, from the mouths of my high school teachers and from the testimonies of Iskos from my school. Be with me in recalling what firsts fate has plotted into my UP life.

After the trail of the Typhoon Frank, the first I’ve experienced in Iloilo, I have transferred to Balay Ilonggo. My first night there felt exceptional with the soothing gushes of the cold wind and with past nights of reminiscing goodbyes with my high school friends. It was peacefully splendid, concluding that being in the dormitory seemed to suit me—clogging my hermitry and lessening my homesickness.

Now, talk about first quizzes. I remember mine was in Environmental Science. I was stunned when my answer sheet was given back to me. It was heart-breaking! In my high school life, I have never had a quiz grade as bad as 70— just a little above 3.0. Well, I just broke my record! Worst score ever, 3 out of 11 questions and that can never be miscalculated—5.0. That only tells how UP can break your bones and make your nose bleed, take this as a sort of pleasure to strive more.

Since my first weeks until now, I am in one trouble everyone in college has to face. That is, the improper budgeting of my allowance. As solution, I learned to eat kumos-kumos vended outside the campus. Well, I can’t afford everyday JD and Jobee.

But with these disastrous moments of my UP life, in my heart-breaking first one hundred days as an Iskolar ng Bayan, I have learned to persevere. I learned to fight—with myself, my quiz grades, home sickness, money matters and my stubbornness in studying. The greatest lessons I’ve learned.


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