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Right of First Refusal

It has been 253 days and 252 nights since i first saw you. It was about 1 o’clock, one cool afternoon of June, 2 months before you turned 18. You were in a white school uniform. Ah, familiar. I can vividly remember the place, your footsteps, the way your hair sways with the wind, and your smile. They were all glued to my mind. You know the place – a 15-minute jeepney ride passing Robinson’s National Bookstore about a hundred meter, then turn right. There. My mind goes back there. De javu.

You entered the hallway with exquisite charm and grace. You stopped at the lobby for a moment, and then made up yourself on one semi-hidden spot. And I – I simply stood nearby, just looking at you for some time, waiting for that youth meeting to start. You were there. I was there. I was simply just there. After the conference, you stayed – I go. Then the succeeding days have been a tragedy.

About two weeks later, I saw you. Yes, I saw you again! I’m too lucky, our schools were next to each other. It so happened that you’re with someone. Hmm, my friend during the last youth meeting. Let’s call him Ken. Thanks for his short talk, we’ve been close to each other – just a meter away even just for a few minutes. And I was waiting for a jeepney, which was incidentally the same jeepney you’ll ride going home. And it so happened. You held my hand, you walked with me. I just find myself seated next to you. I was a real feeler to remember all these little details. .


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