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Right of First Refusal – Part 2

I was hesitant to leave the jeepney when it was time for me to go. Again, i left first. It was such a sweet misery – talking with you, looking at your eyes, feeling you close to me, without even knowing your name. For some time, you remained a mystery. Until i began searching for you – online. I remember the mere earshot of the word when you introduced yourself at the last youth meeting. Thanks for that speaker to ask your name! Yes, that was how my feelings started for someone without even knowing her name.

During my first desperate spying, i was presented with thousands of people who were named like you. Then i stopped. It’s just so hard to search for someone without knowing her full name. Days passed. One time I heard you said you have a brother. I heard his name when again i attended another youth meeting. Now i can limit my search tags. I was surfing a common online community site. And there I finally found you.

You only have one friend. She happened to be your classmate. Let’s call her Jen. I invited her, sent her messages and smileys. I was building a bridge of chance to know you. The next time, we saw each other again at the church. You still don’t know me by name and I miss you. It’s so weird I never asked for your name (which i already know), same with you. I like the way you say “hi” every time you see me, and i was so silly to act like a dummy. One time we had talked once more. As usual, those were my “irrelevant” topics. As always, i never say what i wanted. But if really you regard me as a friend, I suppose you can sense my feelings. So why don’t you realize that I’m in ____ with you?


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