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Ride On

by Eloisa Fe Lusotan

Life is a road of jeepneys and cars; of strangers walking by construction works along asphalt pavements. Life is a road and a fly-over which may take you high for sometime. Life is no more than intersections, u-turns and traffic violations. Life is an overpass overlooking the streets. Life is the sidewalk for which each one is living his own life, indifferent to the world around. Life is all the fancies we embrace along the way; the significant realities swept like dust as we go hastily, things streaming before our eyes.
Life is the vehicles which seldom bump one another afraid to be hurt; life is the noise and the music. Life is the bumping of two trucks where the other topples down, where people are hurt, some grateful. Life is the stopping of the engine while you’re on your way. The going down of passengers, the empty seats, the unpaid rides which for the sake of living one ignores hoping things will get better. Life is the sunrises and sunsets which one spends lying down trying to make sense of experiences—endless. Of your waking up to experience more that you somehow find for yourself what you are unconsciously looking for. Life is the stagnant flow intended to make you see something which you somehow fail to see. Life is a predetermined destination with unknown routes and unexpected hitch hikes. Life is the flat tires, the relentless driving towards something which is yet to be unraveled once you are there. Life is a familiar voice calling out your name, a stranger passing by which you only recognize once out of sight. Life is losing your way and losses along it. Life is a road day and night, life is a jeepney ride—you always decide where you go.


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