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Nuisance Commentary: A Declaration of Annoyance with Guys

by: Donna Laguardia

why is it so hard for them to be themselves? why do they need to pretend to be someone else a million times incomparable with themselves just to please others? chill out men, you’re acting such a loser!
this is an article stating an annoyance with pretentious guys, the drunkards, and all the jerks of the Earth. i know they’ll be offended, but hell I care? besides, my reason for wasting my time writing this is to wake them up. not at all to make them mad. i’m just trying to show them how to be true to themselves and let go of as-if-paid-a-million-to-be-a-damn-pretender ways. i mean, you know, it wouldn’t hurt to admit that things get out of your control sometimes. and its alright to say you can’t handle it than allow others to see you looking so ridiculous trying.
for various reasons, i’ve wished to be a man, several times in my life. it was just that i really adored guys reputation. they were highly regarded. they were good on this, excellent on that, the leader here, the head of something everywhere. and it seems that, most often than not, they get out of their mess as easy as kicking a piece of shit out of their way. they’re strong, they do a lot of awesome stuffs, and they’re the ones who make the first move in a relationship. they can easily get into conversation with any girls they like, hug them, kiss them and hold them tight in the neck. they too, during threatening situations, do not get scared, nor cry but is the cause of every girls terribly ripped and wounded heart. they’re simply tough. and i really really adore them. BEFORE.
i used to admire every man. that was when i knew just a few of them such as my dad and male cousins. however, as i grew exposed with more of their kinds, i’ve come to realize that they’re not at all the same as my dad and cousins and there’s far more little than a bit to be envied about them. and they’re aren’t tough either. they’re just pretending to be. and now the only piece i like about them is that guys with all their pretensions and the i-can-do-everything feeling they have, can fantastically brighten up an extremely boring day. with their exaggerated efforts to prove to the world, or should i say to satisfy themselves that they can get all things done, they do stupid things making them a ridiculously damned dumb.
take for instance when they get nervous or if they cant bear the thought of themselves being humiliated. some may tend to intoxicate themselves with alcohol or anything which will numb their consciousness (at least a bit) just to do whatever they want to do, or say what they want to say. however sometimes, it doesn’t always work. what my mom reported few weeks ago was a perfect proof. she found out that a guy who has a kept liking of me (i guess) had drunk enough rum to make himself dizzy and gather a heartful of courage to come to our house to (well again i’m only guessing) visit and talked to me, just a couple of days after the new year. and he actually brought my cousin that night. but when he spotted the shadow of my dad through the window, they went home rushing as fast as they can. hahaha. see, alcohol didn’t work.
i couldn’t help myself from laughing out loud when my mom told me this. and whenever im bored or too burdened with school stuffs, to used to dig my mind for some hilarious thoughts but this one seems to come out automatically without so much effort. i couldn’t help not to smile and end it up saying, “ its funny how men can be a total jerk sometimes”.
it’s not just my admiration for guys that has been ruined. my respect for them is slowly deteriorating as well. of course i am not a threat for them if im the only one who feels this way. but there could be a lot of girls out there sharing the same sentiments as mine. and that would be the threat. will they just let their kind be called dumb, jerk, or clown? pity for them if they say so. the losers.
well, alright not all of them are losers. however majority are. and its like a contagious disease that spread as the time pass. so beware. though there not at all totally helpless. in fairness to them, there’s still time. what im trying to say is that before it gets too late, will they mind doing something?


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