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Linti nga Paghigugma!

by Demoniacs

November 27,2002 – around 6 pm

Mike:    Ti musta kamo bf  mo?
Joan:    Wala na kami.
Mike:    Ngaa haw?
Joan:    Basta ah.

This statements started it a short and tragic love affair between Mike and Joan.

November 28, 2002 – around 12:30 am

Mike:     Ti wala man ko right mangakig?
Joan:     Gusto mo tagaan ta ka?

“The subscriber cannot be reached” as the Mike tried to call Joan again.
“Jo, wil u b my gf?” as Mike phrased in his SMS.
“wa mo pa ko gani mamet gus2 m nko mgng gf bc pagnkta mko d kna magcol… 2 tl u hnstly I lyk u dn nmn but wa tka met eh… wa ko lod 2 n lng crdt ko cnsya na ga ha?” Joan’s answer to Mike’s plea.

That very same day Mike waited for almost 3 hours for Joan in the mall. It was past 8 o’clock when the two met. Then, Mike asked Joan personally if she would be his gf. A whirlwind passed and the two got along.

The following day, they meet again, watched a movie and went out to Mike’s boarding house. In there the two lovebirds had their very first kiss. It was raining angels for both of them.

December came and that was the time of the year they enjoyed best. Every day Joan would go to Mike’s Boarding house to see him. She even slept with him. They would always go out to Calumpang to have their dinner and go around walking in the beach. Mike was welcomed by Joan’s barkada and so is Joan by Mike’s barkada. They survive even if hardships always come in their way.

For sometime Mike asked Joan if she is still a virgin. “No!” came Joan’s answer but Mike never lost his respect to Joan. Not even a micro unit of love for her. That confession made the two stronger. But the love slowly turned to lust and they eventually fall to the pit. They had some days that they would make love; they even experienced having it in a remote river in broad daylight.

Now it was time for Mike to go home to Negros. So both bid farewell and kissed each other before Mike boarded the ship. “Ga, halong ka di ha? I will miss you” Mike said as he hold back his tears. “Ikaw man ha? I will miss you too”

It was OK for sometime but here goes trouble. Christmas day, Joan said to Mike over the phone “Ga, gin sabat ko liwat si Arvy!” Mike wanted to die when he heard that but he kept his temper. “Fling man lang to ah!” so ah petty fight occurred and Joan was very upset but he loved Mike so much so they fogave each other.

December 28, 2002

“Yuta mo eh!”
“Yut mo man eh!”
“Ga, hidlaw na ko sa imo!”
“Hidlaw ka da? Hidlaw sa kama guro?!”

Mike wanted to fly back to Iloilo just to kiss Joan for their first month but he could not of course. Time passed and time for Mike to go back to Iloilo. Finally their most awaited moment came and they meet again.

The story goes on and on but it never went to where it is supposed to be. Fights became the menu everyday without any real cause. They came to hurt each other not knowing that they are losing what they started to grow. Time and again, they fought and finally Joan found a new guy.

February 13, 2003

“Jo, pwede ka naman guro ka choose?” Mike asked Joan. “Leover!” Mike went dead for like eternity! He felt like he would go crazy. And that what exactly happened. He is crazy over Joan for she is the girl he really wanted to marry. He is a playboy but Joan was his match. Mike is still in love with Joan.

“Linti nga paghigugma.” Mike Would often say to what had happened.

This story is based to a true to life story. This story is dedicated to Joan for the author of this piece is Mike himself.


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