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by super_lyche

With my school being hours away from home, I really need to live in a boarding house…

My first bhaus was located along the old train railway and was around ten minutes from school. It was actually a den of drug addicts. I can clearly remember they are growing marijuana seedlings by the backyard and display some medium-grown plants as center table decor. Think of their nerve…

I am not with their vice, I have my own to spend time to – play counterstrike ’till early dawn. I could have standed the pot, but when they started inviting their adiktos friends to make stone sessions in the house, it hit my nerves raw so I find another house to dwell…

My classmate, Ef, a newly found friend, invited me to transfer at his… With him, and two gays, the four of us contented ourselves in a small room of two double-decks… a little more time, two girls rented the vacant adjacent room to add to the bh’s 30+ capacity. I should have called them “girls next door”, yet my main story revolves with just one of them – Jelly, so let’s just use the singular form.

Me and Jelly became close when we met on local bar during the festival of charcoals, drums, and Sto. Niños. She was with Vien, her roommate, and I was with the company of Ef and the gays. Recognizing each other as boardmates, we stuck together. And Jelly stuck with particularly me. My loose shirt became looser because of Jelly’s pulls after that night. We went home together, with the others sort of tipsy.

Actually, I like Jelly. I like her, simple and plain. Standing some 5′2″, of fair complexion, westernized nose, and of easy smiling face, she’s “the who” of their high school class and a campus crush in our school. Only that she’s a bit skinny…

I found her number on a personalized sticker stuck on her radio when I visited her on their little room. I copied it on a sly and sent her the first text message. When she’s known it’s me, we started exchanging some forward-type messages, and hers were just too sexy. She started telling me her life story and that made us like best friends. We dine together, we go to school together, we stroll at the mall together, we watch movies, together, and … people thought we’re a couple. No, never yet. But I can sense she got feelings for me…

And I confirmed it! She got something for me… that I’m always receiving numerous suggestive messages everyday. I replied every time too, but not with the same undertones. I can’t love her back, I’m courting somebody else. It’s just to hard to say “sorry” to her face. So I just go with it. I treated her as my younger sister but I doubt if she’s not expecting anything. She’s calling me “Bez.” And to give back the flattery, I return the favor of the same name calling.

In a couple of days, Sheen finally said “yes.” Don’t be confused, Sheen is the one I’m courting. It was one of my happiest moments. I’m so happy that I can’t hide it. I just got a girlfriend, my first. Sheen was a real beauty with the brains, and I can’t beat her in the dean’s list. She’s actually a classmate so I’m saved for solving all those assignments. She was one our sources.

When Jelly knew about it, she almost cried in front of me. I felt terribly guilty. What nerves I have to call her “Bez” when I’m not sharing my secrets? “Huh, wala ka gid gahambal-hambal sa akon!…”, Jelly can only say, yet her actions say more of her sadness. She felt betrayed, I know and I didn’t do anything about it…

Instead of getting cold with me, Jelly actually got warmer, even hotter. You see, when Vien wasn’t there, I spend long hours in her room… and we talk about anything – what has she done for the day, her school stories, her suitors, about me, about others, etc… Many times, it gets so late that I feel so lazy to come back where I must sleep. So, many times too, when Vien’s not there, I slept in her room – in her bed – right beside her…
to be continued


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