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Jellyscious Part 2

by super_lyche

…Many times, it gets so late that I feel so lazy to come back where I must sleep. So, many times too, when Vien’s not there, I slept in her room – in her bed – right beside her…

to continue…

I’s not really my intention to sleep in her room. Although I would love to do that – sleeping by her side – I don’t have the courage to open up the thought. But she has! It started that night – she requested me to massage her back, as we’re talking about things I can’t remember what. It wasn’t the first time though that I gave her a massage. And I feel so uneasy everytime thinking my palms touches her skin. But I acted professional – kneading her temples, shoulders, back, thighs, legs, to her toe… and back again like I’m not feeling anything. That night, when I’m about to leave, she held me saying, “Diri ka lang anay, nahadluk ko…”

So, I spent half of the night to do more of the talking while I’m back to my massage routine. She fell asleep. Clueless and nervous, I dimmed the light and lied down next to her. I think she noticed it, she moved. But she didn’t complain. I felt relieved. She smells too sweet. Her hair smells too sweet. I watched her dark silhoutte, memorizing her features. And I never slept that night just watching her, savoring every draw of air I take with the scent of her perfume…

I moved closer to her slowly until my nose touched her hair. It seemed I can recognize her shampoo – it’s the pink palmolive. I froze myself just like that, afraid any more advancement will spoil the night. And she spoke. She’s awake all these times!

“Bez, nagin-utan ko sa bayo mo…,” she said. Without question, and without much thinking, I took it off. I’m half naked now, and she’s on a really short shorts with that thin camison. I never said a word. And froze myself back again to my previous position. Then she spoke once more.

“Dal-a di kamot mo.” It was a command. I gave my hand and she wrapped it on her waist. My chest started to pound really hard. This is my first time to lie down next to a girl not my kin so I felt so uneasy. “Bez, tulog na ta. Kng tulog na ko, di mo ko paghalukan ha?” I could laugh. “Syempre hindi,” I said. But she replied, “Ah sabagay ok lng kay hindi ko man mabal-an.” It puzzled me for a moment before I got the message. I got what she meant… But I remained motionless still fully awake and not even feeling sleepy, thinking what to do next.

Some minutes more, I heard the last words from her. “Balik to sa kwarto mo Bez ah.” Mixed feelings covered me like the darkness. But seemed it alleviated the pounding of my heart. I’m not nervous anymore. Without a sound, I get up, swing my shirt over my back, tangled my hair, and get out of her room. I did some intentional gestures to get the attention of my boardmates who are still watching the late night tv. They stared at my untidy hair, and the shirt I was hanging on my shoulders. They know where I spent more than half of the night so I smiled meaningfully at them, as I headed to sleep in my beloved room… Tsk!


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