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Brightside 101

by: Jessica U. Tumale BSA-1

I don’t know how they make it, but there are peoplewho can smile and spend all day long as if everything goes so dandy.
Well anyway it’s an atitude.  You’d have it if you want to.  I’ve written three tips.  Perhaps, they can help you be like Mr. Brightside.
First, if you happened to be late for class, don’t hesitate to get inside the room.  Come on.  It’s better to be late than to be absent.  It was just that destiny believed you’re smart enough to be able to catch up on whatever the class had discussed on the minutes you missed.  But of course, i’m not telling you to be late always.  It’s still a lot better to go to class early.
Next, some people humiliate themselves in public everytime they fail to answer a teacher’s question or get a low score in a quiz.  This is a common case.  Don’ add up to their number i beg of you.  Ponder on this: if you suddenly shout “***t! i’m such a d@#’_*s!”, and it so happened that your seatmate had a poorer performance than you did, obviously he will think that he’s a little more d@#’_*s than you are.  That doesn’t look cool, really.  One quiz matters, but not “that” much.  Don’t be too affected because that would simply cause you another failure.  Learn more and better luck next time.  Period.
Lastly, if you have had messed up the whole day, talk it with a friend.  That is richer than going to internet cafes and shouting all the bad words you know whn you get killed in a game.  Another thing, don’t drink just to get drunk.  Yes, they are emotional outlets but they can only give temporary ease.  Besides, pouring your heartaches or bursting out and talking by yourself with a beer bottle in front of you are only of little help.  I mean, you can never hear a bottle say “I know what you feel” unless technology has created sympathetic botle exclusive for drinkers.  You can easier solve everything if you share it.  You don’t really need to have the same likes; sometimes your opposite can give you better advices.
These three tips simply lingered in my mind.  Try them, they make sense i guess.  After all, what will make you survive is how you live your life.  You don’t want to be Mr. Darkside, ain’ it?


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