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Right of First Refusal – Last Part?

Mar. 17, 2008

It’s now March, but i have only seen her twice this year – only seen. Unlike the usual, we haven’t had any talk these times. She’s starting to avoid me. Or was it I? On February 22, Jen texted me. She’s asking if she can give my number to you. She said you asked for it. Did i hear it right? You’re asking for my number! I don’t know what to feel but implicitly i was so happy. Finally you had your 2nd phone.  Jen said you lost your first.  I also asked for your number from Jen.  After my first text, our worlds collide.

I was so excited to read your first reply.  To my surprise, it was simply a complex question mark.  I was compelled to answer.  The excitement lasted up to your next replies until the 4th text message read as “di n mgtx pre”.  Amazing.  I thought it was your phone.  I was suppose to apologize but that would mean stupidity.  How can i reply if i’m barred to?  The cool afternoon then turned into doom.

Silence between us dominated after that day.  It was never your fault at all.  I can’t see the sense why you’re apologizing through Jen’s texts.  I know it’s not your intention what did happen.  You simply want to greet a friend.  It’s great to know you miss me – too?  I’m the one who should say sorry.  But how can i reach you personally?  Up to this very moment i never heard from you or even just saw you somewhere.  I can’t call, i can’t text.  But i can write to you.  And this?  I hope this reaches you. .


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