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My Sassy Girl

“Exactly two years ago today, she and i buried a time capsule here…we promised to meet here two years later, but she hasn’t come yet……I’m going to wait.”

Setting: ..under the tree where she came the day she first met him,

Excerpt Lines from “My Sassy Girl”……. .

Old Man: This tree has a secret here.

Sassy Girl: I have a secret here, too.

Old Man: Really?

Sassy: Three years ago, i buried a letter here with my boyfriend. What’s your secret?

Old Man: So what happened?

Sassy: We promised to read the letters a year ago, but i couldn’t come.

Old Man: I guess you’re a year late.

Sassy: But two years didn’t seem that long. i haven’t made any decision yet. I just wasted my time on stupid thoughts.

Old Man: Like what?

Sassy: If we were destined to meet, i thought we’d meet by chance somewhere.

Old Man: Know what fate is? “building a bridge of chance for someone you love. ..” To be honest, i read your letters. I said this tree had a secret, right?

Sassy: Yes.

Old Man: Look closely. Does this tree look the same as before?

Sassy: Well, it looks like it changed a bit, but i’m not sure.

Old Man: People are dead or alive. There’s a dead tree and a living tree, too. This tree was struck by lightning last year, it was split into two. But this young man felt sorry for it. During the spring, he planted another tree that looked the same. When he planted the tree, he asked me if it looked the same. He said that someone would be sad if it died, so no one should know. ..

Sassy: “Gyun-woo. ..”


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