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Happy (Late) Valentine’s to Myself

by: eyesbleed

Mar. 16, 2008

It’s about 10 meters away when i saw you. You’re wearing an org shirt…dark, familiar. I didn’t think that aside from being cute, you’re shy. You passed by me. I thought you’ll just pass by me – yet you stayed. It’s not too early that i’ve noticed you stayed, not really for me i’m sure, not beside me, but near the wall where i’m leaning. I just realized you’ve already seated. Peripherally, i can see you’re reading something. Notes? Valentine’s letter? I don’t know.

I was reading what was posted on the bulletin boards. But as i’ve noticed your presence, i began reading your mind. You were just a “hi” away. I mean, you were a “hi” away. Too far. Weird thoughts rumbled on my mind. What could have you been thinking that moment? I wonder if i ever crossed your mind. I could have turned and say a little hello…but i don’t know if it’ll reach you “internal”-ly. I don’t feel it, but perhaps it’s an unspoken understanding between us. One thing, i’m sorry for leaving without “consent”, i have an “appointment” this day. And lastly, thanks for that ephemeral proximity, you’re not really that shy.


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