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Do you…with these old words

by 70_traehdenword

do you want to fly high
and come sailing across the sky?
do you want to explore the deepest sea
and find creatures there could be?
do you want to climb the highest hill
that you may say, “The world is real”?
do you want to be loved and be happy
that your heart is filled with ecstacy?
i’ll be your wings that you may fly
like the birds that are passing by
i’ll be your fins that you may swim
like the fishes in a stream
to the highest hill, I’ll take you there
and i’ll tell you, “The world is clear”
love and hapiness are what you need
just open your heart and i will feed.
i can do much ways
i accept little things
i’ll be your wings,
i’ll be your fins
that you may fly,
that you may swim
but don’t ever leave me
don’t ever say goodbye


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