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by Ron Stoppable

Yesterday, I missed you.
Maybe I didn’t but most often I did.
Oh, how many yesterdays did i waste
Longing for your embrace?
I could not recall, there is none to recall
Except how you loved me, as if i loved you…

Tonight, I miss you.
Maybe I don’t, but most often I do…
The fact that your presence haunts me and your absence haunts me even more
May mean that i miss you, and it breaks my heart…

Tomorrow, i will miss you.
Maybe I won’t, but surely I will.
And maybe I will drown myself not in alcohol or in tears, but in loneliness.
A feeling of emptiness that can never be filled again…
And maybe in many more tomorrows rain will fall endlessly, for it is such a sweet agony without you….

No, I don’t miss you…


Filed under: Poetry

One Response

  1. as i am says:

    it is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

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