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confessions of a lousy lover

why can’t i just simply 4get her? it’s been 8 days since i told her how i rili feel, & it turned out just fine. but why do i feel this way? my heart says something. and i just can’t easily go on with things.

i’m longing for her text.

she asked d__c_ of why i’m not texting her anymore. know that she remembers me too had cured half of my sickness. but it could not totally take the loneliness in me. the truth is that i’m deliberately stopping myself for any connection with her now. but deep inside i can’t help it.

i really really miss her.

this is me. i always fall for someone who can never be mine. this is trite, but day by day. night by night, i’ve been waiting for my phone to ring..for her text. but all i got is nothing but vacuous quiescence.

no one cares.

for years, i have kept my true feelings. it’s hard. if only she knew how difficult it is for me to suppress my feelings for heart tends to explode. it’s heartaches are too much to bear. how i wished i could cry myself out, but how could i with no more tears? i’ve already shed too much. i don’t want to give her the guilt of knowing how i feel.

it’s all my fault to feel this way for her..

i love you girl, but the thought that you love me too is a colossal mistake. i don’t want to push myself to you. for i want you to give back love the way it is- free. no coercion.

so i say goodbye to the feelings i wanted to stay forever. .


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