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Beyong My Grasp

by Christian R. Duran

As I walk into the room, my heart was beating so fast..
My eyes were searching for someone I do not know..
My mind was saying something I could not hear..
Then suddenly, my trembling feet led me to her..

She was a familiar stranger, it’s odd to say..
Her smile captured me in every single way..
Then I talked to her with words I can’t remember..
Looking at her eyes, seemed like I’d be frozen forever..

A flash caught my attention…
A friend took a picture of me together with the girl..
People clapped and cheered..
The next thing I knew was I walked away from her..

Seemed like I’m out of my mind..
I left the room barely knowing her name..
And now, she’s far away.. so far away..
Will I ever see her again?

Then I realized, I already met her..
She was in my dream.. the girl smiling in my dream..
Destiny did its job, gave me a chance to meet her..
But I ruined the opportunity, I barely know her name..

I’m hoping that I will be given another chance..
That destiny will give me another oppurtunity..
To meet her again and see her smile..
The girl in my dreams..

Sad to say, the chance given by destiny is now beyond my grasps..
And all I have is a picture of me and her smiling together..
A picture that would remind me of her forever..


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