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All I Have

by Christian R. Duran

I am not great, that I know
I am not a head turner, I don’t stand out
I don’t have the looks that I can brag
And I asked myself, “What Do I Got?”

I am not an achiever, sad to say
I am not a math genius, to my dismay
I am not a witty debater, I admit
And I asked myself, “What Do I Got?”

I don’t have the talents to compete
I don’t have a golden voice you can appreciate
I don’t have the groovy moves you can follow
And I asked myself, “What Do I Got?”

I look at myself and all I see are words
Just words of emotions and meanings
And how do I use these words?
I use them to lead you to my world

I don’t know how to sing
I only have words playing the melody of my life
I don’t know how to dance
I only have words grooving with the beat of my heart

The beauty of a tiny raindrop I can describe
The harmony within a burst laughter I can play
The smell of blooming flowers I can share
The wonderful feeling of love I can portray

This is the world where I live
Where meanings and feelings took over
Because of the words that I can use
To give everything a breath of life
I may not be great, that is true
Though I have nothing but words
The meaning and the emotions in every line
Is enough to say that I am no ordinary man


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