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The Last of Great Rock Stars

by “kuris kag pintok”

Wanna be a rock star?

So, turn up the spotlights, flip on the loud background music and sharpen your black eyeliner and readied yourself to be in the center stage for another gut busting rock, rock performance.

You have to be warned, though, because unfortunately few people have conquered the rock scene. But worry no more because finally, there’s hope.

Junior Executive Society Incorporated (JES Inc.) had gathered the rockers and feeling rockers to massive attack of black fingernails and black eye lines to a long, long night of noisy partying.

It would be matter of 36.2 seconds before your head will be bangin’, your shoulder’s boppin’ and stomach’s churning to this insanely rock fest.

But wait, where is the party? Is this a party? Why there are no paparazzi? (Hehe) Well, for a moment, I thought I am attending a birthday party. My eyes turned yellow because I’m seeing green, green grass, nostalgic because of the scintillating miniscule asteroid (twinkling stars); open by?; shocked by the stage’s size. I am really expecting waiters to serve me drinks. But well! Bar ni haw? But then I was lost amidst the blacks. Relief flooded me! I’ve come to the right venue after all.

The drums came rolling, or is it my stomach? Why the foods haven’t been served yet? (As in kadugay gid ya) And the music wouldn’t help either. They are playing “senti” melodies, adding up to my suffering. (Exagge ah!) Ah ok, maybe my stomach’s having also its own party. We’re craving for food. Yow!

Goodness gracious! After long, long time fixing the system for the right vibrations called sound to be acceptable to the ear, (Sus! Guba! Kaluoy lang ayawan singgit) the program started. Grabe! Daw maguba ang stage sa sobra nga excitement sang tanan. Sadya-sadya gd yah! Pero, infairness, grabe ang competition sang mga batches. Management students have once proven their filmmaking expertise (Daw ano gd bala kuno hw?) in making the batch video, and creative prowess in making name tags (Hai, gabaha electric guitars, mind you). The much applauded MTV-Like is so, so over!!! Nag-enjoy ang mga rockers head bang. I don’t know kung na-enjoy man nila ang stiff neck. Ok, ok, the finale. The modeling. Sigh, the outfits’ rock! It had brought Calvin Klein shame on his name.

The event was a success despite the sound system of a down, the constant complains (Aguy!) and the unending apologies from the officers. But at the end of the event, when tiredness had its toll, one would ask himself, is it worthy to be a rock star?

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