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Straight from the Govs

By: Patricia Marie Naces

Tycoons Governor

I would like to thank the Tycoons family for giving me the opportunity to lead them. I couldn’t ask for more than just trust and support. I admit, I could not do this on my own, but seeing their support really encourages me to take the lead, make a difference and do the best we can. I can’t assure victory because it’s easy beyond my control, but win or lose; I know we will give them a good fight. Go TYCOONS!

Most of the preparations of TYCOONS focus more on the Pahampang ’08 and the Hinugyaw. We’re planning ahead of time so that we could maximize our resources. Not only those above-mentioned activities are the focus of Tycoons but our goal is to unite the BS Management students to develop a great bond so that it would be easier to work as a team. For me, this is much more important than just winning.

Since we are inhibited to solicit from students, TYCOONS has prepared an intense fund-raising activity to support Pahampang ’08. One of which is the Tycoons Week where BS Management students use their entrepreneurial skills to gain profits. The proceeds of which will go to Tycoons. Second, we have planned a gig for a cause that will showcase local bands of Iloilo city. Third, Tycoons have a project named “ PISO-A-DAY” where students would contribute a peso a day from the first week of July until the last week of September. Fourth, Tycoons is reaching out for its alumni who are willing to play & provide financial support for Tycoons. Lastly, being a part of TYCOONS, we will also tap the ALUMNI to become involved in the activities.


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