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UPV Hosts Kapwa-2 International Conference

by: Marra Francillan P. Cordero

Scholars, professors, students, cultural workers and artists converged at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas hosting the Kapwa-2 for the second time to delve into Asian principles and world-vision within the context of global views. This coming together of art, cultural heritage and science is an international 3-day Conference on the Relevance of Indigenous Knowledge done last June 26 to 28 this year.

Discussed was the balanced move towards education in the worldwide perspective. Traditional value systems and ways of learning are duly recognized and appraised together with the present Western methodology. Sustainability problem comes out as the benchmark of research of the present time whereby artists, scholars and Schools of the Living Traditions are fixed.

In conjunction with this multi-level activity was the month-long photograph exhibition held in three major locations – University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV) in Iloilo, the Museo Iloilo and the Pugad Heritage Center in Oton. Stakeholders and those interested in the safeguard/perfection of the wisdom of the ancestral values with the Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP) came together with the members of the international and local academe who have started naming the theories of Asian/Filipino global views, values and psychology practices, playing a part in the formation of Asian psychology.

The two-day conference at the UPV Auditorium in Iloilo Campus looked deeper into the contributions to life of indigenous Knowledge and Filipino Psychology in the 21st century. Topics discussed were the issues on an education integrating the informal with the formal education; questions on the Filipino today; Asians and the heirs of Living Traditions; the Filipino Psychology structure towards understanding the systemic worldview and lifestyle of indigenous people; how the Filipino Kapwa approach of treating others can make a difference in global dialogue; and various ethnic practices, stories, performances, traditional celebrations and chants.

The occasion became more interesting with the presence of the notable resource persons like the Assistant Secretary of UNESCO – Korea Seung Hwang Lee, Panay GAMABA Awardee Federico Caballero, the famous Phil-Am author Leny Strobel, the multi-awarded Japanese film-auteur Takamine Go, the Waray poetry specialist Dr. Victor Sugbo, Commissioner Felipe de Leon, Jr., anthropologist Dr. Alice Magos, columnist Dr. Henry Funtecha, the Jalandoni relator Prof. Alice Tan Gonzales, the Iloilo psychiatrist Dr. Henrietta Cabado-Española and the Filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik.

The activity attended by students and other visitors proved to be fun and fruitful in learning with their minimal conference donations per half-day sessions.


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